A small selection of kind words & praise from some of my clients…

Angela is a beautiful soul, with natural healing energy – respectful of all she shares and it’s origins. She’s incredibly spiritual and knowledgeable, yet totally down to earth.

Angela has selflessly given me her time in support for my own healing journey. I trust in her and look forward to being in her space again soon.

Thank you Angela for all that you are and share.

Liz Bortoli

I first came across Angela Sandland when I was looking for an Angelic Reiki Teacher in Derby, UK.

We had a long chat on the phone and she answered some of my many questions before I committed to train with her.

Angela has been my spiritual journey support from day one and I’ve completed many training courses, workshops and reiki shares with her. She’s supported me through Angelic Reiki I & II, Crystal Healing Practitioner, Shamanic Healing Foundation and both Usui Reiki I & II.

Angela has incredible intuition and is also extremely supportive of her clients and students.

Her ethics are brilliant, she’s vibrant and full of energy, and I trust her totally.  She keeps all her students safe and supported whilst having lots of fun, and without taking life to seriously. I’d recommend Ange to anyone.

Angie B

I went to the Cacao Ceremony yesterday evening and loved it!

Angela is passionate, always willing to help and knowledgable.

The meditation was wonderful, the cacao delicious and the evening left me feeling relaxed and energised at the same time!

Thank you DeerHeart Woman!

Tamara Ledesma Sanchez

Angela’s a wonderful teacher and makes you feel relaxed, comfortable and at ease.


I’ve done several workshops including Shamanic Foundation, Journeying, Soul Retrieval & also Lemurian Healing.  I also did my Munay Ki journey with Angela. I find I now use the skills I’ve learned on a regular basis. 

Angela makes what could be considered complex subjects easy to understand and is generally a beautiful soul.

I cannot recommend her highly enough for anyone looking to work with energy healing of any kind.

Rebecca Freeman 

Lotus Blossom 

I’ve seen DeerHeart Woman, several times in her ceremonies, teaching & treatments, and her training is useful, practical and can I say, magical.

Angela is a one-off and her deep knowledge of her shamanic teachings are outstanding – as is her ability to engage every individual in a group.


Learning how to use a drum and rattle is great, and the treatment for soul retrieval is something else. One would have to experience this all personally, to get the full benefits of Angela’s wisdom.

During Cacao Ceremonies, Angela provides a wonderful sacred space, with all the relevant information to journey and engage with the spirit and meditation of Cacao.


Angela is, in my opinion, an experienced and knowledgeable teacher, trainer, therapist & healer. 

I wish to engage more with her teachings and would like to thank her very much for helping me on my personal journey. Warmest wishes.

Cai Kyron

DeerHeart Woman is a beautiful soul with wonderful teaching abilities and I’ve known her for just over 8 years now.


In that time I’ve learned Usui Reiki, Angelic Reiki, and also attended many of Angela’s workshops on Angels, Crystal Healing, and Shamanic Healing.

Since I’ve known Angela I’ve found the courage to leave my job as a full time chef, and set up my own holistic business (Sparklinglight Therapies) offering reiki, massage and other holistic treatments.

I highly recommend Angela if you want to further your spiritual journey.

Sharon Hanson

Sparklinglight Therapies

I began my spiritual journey with Angela Sandland back in 2003 and feel blessed to have been connected with her for so long.

She’s genuine, honest, dedicated, absolutely lovely, and one of earth’s actual living faerie’s.

 Thanks for taking me on the journey!

Rachel Hill

Rachel Hill Nutrition & Reflexology

Angela has a caring, informal and down to earth style. I’d recommend her to anyone. 

She talks with great knowledge, humour and understanding.

Many old thoughts, feelings and out-dated routines cleared from me after working with Angela – and this allowed me to reflect and evaluate my current life circumstances and look at issues in a different light. 

It’s Angela’s warm, young at heart personality that shines through. Working with her leaves you feeling rejuvenated and uplifted. Bright Blessings.

Vicki Bolsover