Happiness Enchanters

We create magic through our art, illustration, writing, alchemy, co-creating, workshops, visual media, music and sound, meditation and channelling. We work closely with the muses, we are tapped into the essence of life so we can be inspired every day and bring that magic and the healing vibes it contains to you.

Katie and Angela met in the summer of 2019 in a doughnotts shop in Derby. A very serendipitous meeting. Angela enters with her fluffy familiar Luna and rocking her dinosaur leggings (only to find out later Katie loves dinosaurs) and immediately spots the yellow haired one drawing with her fellow weirdo Jeff and little weirdling Violet.

The Origin

Angela promptly parks herself at their table and begins to chat creative shit. 

This starts an extraordinary friendship that develops over the pandemic resulting in Instagram lives to help people with their mental health and general well-being.  Somehow the universe gifts us with the Happiness Enchanters, a rollercoaster of energy, soul diving, bamboozling, creative fireworks, juicy 3D goodies to express the beauty, magic and divinity within everybody.

Katie’s proud weirdo tribe embraced Angela into the fold as we start to release our alchemy.

Our medicine –

to remind you the power

was within you,

all along.