My Medicine

From a young age I was sensitive. I was always interested in anthropology, ancient civilisations and what I used to refer to as the supernatural. Through my work, I’ve come to realise this is completely natural!

Cacao Ceremonies UK

I was drawn to becoming an arts therapist and after studies at University, Reiki training followed in my path to wellness.

I have over 20 years experience as a practitioner, facilitator & teacher in holistic health, covering many areas.

I’m passionate about shamanism, fae & angels, and energy healing, such as Reiki & Crystal Healing.

Cacao Ceremonies UK

My knowledge & wisdom have not just come from the training I’ve had, the books I’ve read, or the lectures I’ve listened to, but from the real life experiences that I’ve lived.


In my personal life I’ve had quite a few mountains to climb!

Our life experiences are where the greatest wisdom comes from.

What use is knowledge and wisdom without love?

I’ve been on an immense personal journey and I’m now ready to step into my authentic self as DeerHeart Woman.

My life journey so far, has brought me a gift. A gift to help others on their personal healing journey.

I continue to honour this gift by walking my path to self awareness, love and wholehearted healing.

DeerHeart Woman Cacao Ceremonies UK